We’re hosting a Promposal Contest…

Back in high school, being asked out to the prom was exciting, fun, and special. Afterall. the prom is the most important dance in of your teenage years. We want to foster that same feeling for Fresno Adult Prom attendees in 2019.

For The Grand Royale. we are implementing a Promposal contest where one lucky couple with the best promposal video will receive a Royalty Package and a special invitation to the prom.

This package will consist of:

  • 2 VIP tickets to The Grand Royale
  • A Special Invitation to the Prom
  • Makeup for the Queen
  • A Gentleman’s Cut and Shave for the King
  • A dress for the Queen
  • A tux for the King
  • Limo Ride to and from the prom
  • Corsage & Boutonniere set for the King and Queen

To qualify, you must submit a short video clip of your Promposal and post it on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #FresnoAdultProm #TheGrandRoyale. Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@fresnoadultprom and @curatefresno). We’re on Facebook as well ( If the Royalty Package winner purchases tickets before the Promposal Announcement, the winner’s tickets will be reimbursed.

We will review all submissions and announce a winner in February. Stay tuned for more details.